IT Dual+

Training + studies in just four years

Flexible with two strong educational partners

IHK degree and/or B.Sc. from a single source

The study-integrated training with bib International College and the FHDW in Bergisch Gladbach offers your company the opportunity to work closely with our vocational school and our university in order to retain talented students in your company at an early stage. The FHDW and bib offer a 4-year course combining dual vocational training with a Chamber of Industry and Commerce qualification and a shortened FHDW Bachelor’s degree course. The special feature of this offer is the flexibility for participants, who can take their time in the first 18 months to decide whether they would like to complete only the IHK training, only the FHDW course or both. The offer is valid in the starting year 2024 for the dual vocational training courses for IT specialist in application development, IT specialist in system integration and IT system management clerk. The entry requirement is at least a university entrance qualification. Applications for this program are made via partner companies, where the dual training and the dual FHDW study program are put into practice.

Your ad­van­ta­ges

Mo­re attrac­tive in re­cruit­ing

Fle­xi­ble, nee­ds-ba­sed per­son­nel de­ve­lop­ment

Re­tai­ning ta­lent for lon­ger

Why IT Du­al+

Training or studying is no longer an either-or proposition

Many young people today are reconsidering the value of a good education. At the same time, they don’t want to miss out on the prospect of a Bachelor’s degree. Why should they choose one or the other? With our new, flexible “training-integrated dual study program”, you have both in one. The entry requirement for IT Dual+ is at least a university entrance qualification.

Stay flexible with an IHK degree and/or B.Sc.

Make your apprenticeships more attractive with the prospect of a subsequent Bachelor’s degree. When recruiting, you differentiate yourself from the competition and at the same time retain good candidates for longer than with regular training contracts. The IT Dual+ program enables you to conclude a four-year contract with your trainees. At the same time, you retain the flexibility to respond to the individual talents and educational needs of your trainees.

You can decide up to the 18th month of training whether the participants want to return after two years:
a) only continue the training and complete it with an IHK examination,
b) only continue their studies or
c) complete the apprenticeship as well as start and complete the course of study.

To keep all options open, define a corresponding exit clause in the training contract.

App­ren­ti­ce­ships and de­gree pro­grams

In the 2024 training year, the new vocational school at bib International College in Bergisch Gladbach will start with three apprenticeships. As part of IT Dual+, trainees can follow a shortened dual Bachelor’s degree course in computer science or business informatics at the FHDW. The training focus should correspond to the subject focus at the FHDW:


In our IT Dual+ program, vocational training is combined with dual studies in terms of time and content. Additional content is added to the vocational school blocks during the apprenticeship. These are credited towards the FHDW degree course and the study period is thus shortened by one year.

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