Pupils successful in FHDW student study program

From left: Markus Thewes from BK Beckum, Prof. Dr. Eckhard Koch from the FHDW and Lars-Andre Scheiperpeter

Lars-Andre Scheiperpeter has now completed his training as an IT specialist for application development at Beckum Vocational College. During his studies at the FHDW, he earned credit points, which he can now transfer to his studies at the FHDW.

Between January and March 2021, Lars-Andre Scheiperpeter completed a student study program at the FHDW in Paderborn. Together with the FHDW students, he took part in Professor Carsten Weigand’s online lecture “Fundamentals of Computer Science” – once a week, on Thursdays after vocational school lessons. However, he wrote the exam in person on campus and passed it successfully. The  credit points earned in this way can be credited towards a degree course at a university in NRW. 

“I can only recommend anyone who is still undecided as to whether, what and where they would like to study to take part in the student study program at the FHDW,” summed up Lars-Andre Scheiperpeter at the presentation of the certificate by FHDW Vice President Prof. Dr. Eckhard Koch. The student course and the positive experiences at the FHDW convinced Scheiperpeter. Now – after successfully completing his training – he will begin a dual course of study in Applied Computer Science at the FHDW in Paderborn in cooperation with BEUMER Group in October. And he has another advantage: as he has an IT apprenticeship and examination results from this can be credited, the course only takes two years instead of three.

In the FHDW student study program, pupils experience a degree course at first hand. You attend a complete course in a Bachelor’s degree program during a university quarter (three months) and take the exam. The points achieved in the exam will be credited in a later course of study at the FHDW. The Beckum Vocational College and the FHDW have been cooperating for many years. This means that students on the courses  Information technology assistant with A-levels  and  Information technology assistant with FHR  and  Apprentices as IT specialists  take part in the FHDW student program.