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IN­TER­NA­TIO­NA­LI­TY is very im­portant to us

Would you like to go abroad during your studies? No problem at all! We promote the worldwide mobility of students and lecturers as well as the enrichment of science and teaching with international issues. Since our foundation, we have therefore attached great importance to cooperation with universities abroad. Over the years, a worldwide network of partners has developed.

And what applies to our students also applies to our teaching staff. Our lecturers regularly teach at the partner universities abroad. Conversely, foreign lecturers bring their knowledge to our university of applied sciences. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

An International Office has been set up at all FHDW campuses. It advises our students who are planning an internship abroad or a period of study abroad on academic and organizational issues. From the first contact with the university abroad to funding through a scholarship program such as Erasmus+ and PROMOS to tips for visas and accommodation, we are there for you. The International Office is also the point of contact for foreign students from partner universities who wish to study at the FHDW for one or two semesters (incomings).

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International Office

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Scholarship programs

With Erasmus+ and PROMOS, attractive funding pots are available to you

Our students have the opportunity to receive funding for their stays abroad through the Erasmus+ or PROMOS scholarship programs.

However, there are numerous other funding opportunities that our students can access. An overview can be found either at
or on

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"İAupa Bil­bao!" (Bas­que. In Ger­man: "Hel­lo Bil­bao!")

Se­mes­ter ab­road in Spain

Florian Schulte

Before I came to Bilbao, I was mainly familiar with the city in the north of Spain because of its soccer club Athletic Bilbao, which is famous for achieving considerable success with Basque players alone. Now, after almost four months in Bilbao, I can say with certainty that although soccer plays an incredibly important role, the city is much more than just that. I found my apartment through the Spanish website, but there are also other recommended portals, such as The university also offers good help with finding accommodation, although the university’s own hall of residence is not highly recommended for students, as although it offers meals included, according to some of my friends it has more of a youth hostel character and is a bit expensive at almost 1,000 euros a month. It is then cheaper to find an apartment through the portals mentioned above. My shared flat was in the Castaños district and was ideally located, as it took me about ten minutes to walk to the university and just five minutes to Casco Viejo (the old town). In general, I can say that I was able to do most things on foot during my time there and mainly had to take the metro to the beach, as it is about 40 minutes outside the city.

"It's a 10-mi­nu­te walk from the uni­ver­si­ty to the beach."

Se­mes­ter ab­road in Aus­tra­lia

Jonathan Stieber

I found out about the possibility of a semester abroad in Australia in a conversation with the International Office. As I originally wanted to go to Australia after graduating from high school, but was too young at the time, it was clear to me relatively quickly that I wanted to do my semester abroad in Australia. The application consisted of two parts. The first part is the application for a semester abroad, which is sent to the International Office.

After I was accepted for the semester abroad, the next step was to apply to Southern Cross University (SCU) in Australia. I was accompanied by Gostralia – a company that supports study abroad in Australia and New Zealand and helps with the application process. As the semester took place from October to February, I had to request changes to my study schedule and coordinate these with my partner company. This was not a problem, which is why I was then able to apply to the FHDW.

The In­ter­na­tio­nal Of­fice

Karin Carroll-Scott

Head of International Office

[email protected]

+49 5251 301-183

Jessica Schwabe

@Campus Paderborn

[email protected]

+49 5251 301-283

Britt Zein

@Campus Bielefeld

[email protected]

+49 521 23842-231

Eva Theisen

@Campus Bergisch Gladbach

[email protected]

+49 2202 9527-364

Simone Groll

@Campus Mettmann

[email protected]

+49 2104 17756-304