Graduation ceremony in Marburg

After two corona-related years, a graduation ceremony for Bachelor’s graduates could finally take place again under normal conditions on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

St. Peter also took pity on the long hardships and sent imperial weather. Around 180 parents, partners and trainers celebrated the long-awaited Bachelor’s degree with 31 graduates at the Center for Investment Consulting in Marburg. Dr. Dirk Reiffenrath, member of the DVAG Board of Management and responsible for the cooperation with the FHDW, welcomed the guests and conveyed greetings and congratulations from the Pohl family. Halfway through their studies, the class made a bet with Dr. Reiffenrath that they would achieve a certain level of sales success by the end of their studies. And with a very strong, cohesive team performance, the jointly set goal was clearly exceeded. This even impressed Andreas Pohl, CEO of DVAG, who insisted on having a 6-liter bottle of champagne with a dedication presented to the vintage as a token of his appreciation for this strong sales performance.

The graduates received their certificates from Prof. Dr. Michael Heuser and Campus Director Prof. Dr. Michael Thiemermann. At the same time, the best student of the year, Ronja Bernd, was honored with a certificate and book prize for achieving the best average of all students in the financial sales major to date. Sina Grzeschik and Thomas Hinske-Tenbrink gave a very emotional speech about the past student days, which brought a tear to the eye of one or the other. A self-made video clip at the end of her speech gave everyone a chance to look back on the last three years. And then – thank goodness – the highlight of the day, the hat toss, was quickly moved to the front of the Center for Investment Advice and repeated several times because the festive moment could not be experienced often enough.

At the invitation of DVAG, the evening ended in front of the Center for Investment Advice in a very summery atmosphere with delicious culinary delicacies and good conversation. Only the 6-liter bottle of champagne did not live to see the end of the evening, as the bottle was uncorked in proper style with a knife (a sabre was not at hand at the time) after the meal to much cheering from the crowd and the contents were divided up fairly among those present. To the sounds of the live band Warehouse, the guests rocked out and danced the night away. This day will probably remain a particularly fond memory for all participants.

We are delighted for the graduates from Marburg!