FH­DW Scho­lar­ship

Mo­re than just a cash in­jec­tion

The FHDW Scholarship aims to support talented and committed FHDW students during their studies. On the one hand, it provides financial support by covering half of the tuition and examination fees. It also offers extensive services to promote individual personality and skills.

The scholarship is awarded to students on dual full-time degree courses.

Idealistic promotion

In addition to financial support, the FHDW scholarship also focuses on the personal development of the scholarship holder. This includes specialist events and conferences as well as seminars to promote personal development. The scholarship holders are also supported by 1-to-1 coaching sessions in which their personal potential is discovered and developed and career guidance is worked out.

What is expected?

Scholarship holders are expected to actively participate and get involved during their studies. This includes participation in all offers within the framework of individual support as well as participation in selected FHDW events.

Application period

is December 1 to May 31 of the following year. For more information, please contact the FHDW Career Service.

  1. You have a university entrance qualification or are aiming for one
    – Fachhochschulreife or general higher education entrance qualification or
    – Successful completion of advanced vocational training or vocational training and professional activity corresponding to the desired course of study in accordance with the “Ordinance on University Access for Persons Qualified in Vocational Education and Training of March 8, 2010”.
  2. Above-average performance in the final or half-year report in grade 11 (for G9, please submit the corresponding reports for grade 12). If you have completed an apprenticeship, the same applies to the training and vocational school certificate.
  3. Extracurricular/societal/social commitment
    (e.g. voluntary work, political involvement, participation in school committees, club work, etc.)
  4. High level of determination and motivation
    (Proof through internships, part-time job, previous professional activity or similar)
  5. Successfully completed selection procedure at the FHDW, which serves to determine the basic suitability for a dual study program and to get to know you personally for the first time

You apply online for a dual study program with us. In the application form, please upload documents such as your CV, photo, certificates, etc. After your documents have been checked, you will take part in the university’s selection process.

Parallel to the online application, please email your application documents for the FHDW scholarship to your contact person at the respective FHDW campus by the deadline:

  • Letter of motivation with the title “Application for the FHDW scholarship[please insert start of studies]”
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of the points 3 and 4 listed under “Requirements”

This may be followed by a personal interview.

If you have already received an acceptance and thus a contract offer for a dual study program from the FHDW, please email your application documents for the FHDW scholarship to your contact person at the respective FHDW campus by the deadline:

  • Letter of motivation with the title “Application for the FHDW scholarship[please insert start of studies]”
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Proof of the points 3 and 4 listed under “Requirements”

After your documents have been checked, you may be invited to a personal interview.

Are you con­vin­ced and would al­so li­ke to start at the FH­DW?

What our for­mer FH­DW scho­lar­ship hol­ders say

"Be­cau­se the FH­DW scho­lar­ship is an ab­so­lu­te ad­ded va­lue! Not just the fi­nan­ci­al sup­port, but above all the per­so­nal de­ve­lop­ment!"

Va­nes­sa Pe­ters

Personally, I liked the personal exchange best! For example, the personal exchanges in the 1:1 coaching sessions with the mentors were an absolute added value of studying at the FHDW. I also gained a lot from the exchange with other FHDW scholarship holders at the annual dinners and, of course, also enjoyed them a lot.

The support from the mentors within the framework of the scholarship was personal and, above all, very individual. As a result, there was a very pleasant atmosphere at every meeting, which made us feel very comfortable and able to talk to the mentor about everything.

As part of the usual application process for a dual study program at the FHDW, I became aware of the FHDW scholarship through the Career Service. In addition to the financial support, I was particularly interested in the non-material support and the networking opportunities.

The application process was very pleasant from the applicant’s point of view. Once I had overcome the first hurdle of writing a letter of motivation, I was invited to an interview. The interview focused on my personal motivation and my goals. A short time later, I received the good news that I had been accepted for the FHDW scholarship.

My advice to other applicants is to give the scholarship application a try, as you have nothing to lose! You should invest sufficient time in writing your cover letter and remain true to yourself. After all, you can present yourself individually in an authentic way and impress with your strengths and motivation.

Because the FHDW scholarship is an absolute added value for studying at the FHDW, not only in terms of financial support, but above all in terms of personal development!

I have remained loyal to my partner company, the LÜNING Group, where I work as an assistant to the external logistics manager. I am also responsible for other tasks in the Rietberg-based family business in the area of personnel officer for logistics and the company suggestion scheme.

"The non-ma­te­ri­al sup­port in the form of re­flec­tive coa­ching ses­si­ons hel­ped me to achie­ve my per­so­nal goals in my ca­re­er and stu­dies."

Jo­nas Pfann­ku­che

The best thing about the scholarship was the personal one-to-one coaching sessions and the seminars that I was able to attend with the support of the Career Service. The support was personal, so I was able to talk openly about current issues. In addition, it was always about how I could best develop personally and professionally.

I was made aware of the scholarship at the end of the selection process. I then looked at the experience reports on the website and was particularly interested in actively helping to shape the scholarship program myself.

The application process consisted of two phases: the application letter and the interview. I found the interview in particular to be very pleasant, as it was not a classic, formal job interview. You shouldn’t be shy about applying and show yourself as you are.

The FHDW scholarship offers both financial and non-material support. The idealistic support in the form of reflective coaching sessions in particular helped me to achieve my personal goals in my career and studies.

Following on from my Bachelor’s degree, I am now completing my Master’s degree full-time at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, where I am deepening my knowledge in the field of computer science. I also continue to work for my partner company HDNET.

"The who­le thing is de­si­gned in a re­la­xed way, so it was re­al­ly fun and I was al­ways loo­king for­ward to the next con­ver­sa­ti­on."

Ra­pha­el Brö­ker

After my training as a bank clerk, I was interested in various courses of study in my home region of Paderborn/Höxter, but also throughout Germany. In the end, I took advantage of various advisory services and the personal interview at the FHDW with the Career Service was the deciding factor both for the course and for applying for the scholarship. Of course, there are conditions attached to the scholarship, such as a corresponding grade point average. However, I never felt any pressure and it was more of a side issue.

In the beginning, I was mainly focused on the financial benefits that the scholarship entailed. However, the various individual and group coaching sessions I received from the FHDW team convinced me that the ideational support is much more important. She has contributed immensely to my personal development and has allowed me to work specifically on my strengths/weaknesses and my career. The whole thing is designed in a relaxed way, so it was really fun and I was always looking forward to the next conversation.

In any case. The scholarship provides you with further important building blocks that are important for your own individual career. The scholarship also thrives on informal exchanges between scholarship holders and FHDW staff, so networking is not neglected either.

After successfully completing my Bachelor’s degree, I started as a Junior Controller at my partner company because I was also permanently working in Controlling during the practical phases. I am also completing a part-time Master’s degree in Controlling and Financial Management at the FHDW.

"The mee­tings with the other scho­lar­ship hol­ders we­re a high­light for me. Whe­ther it was bar­be­cu­es, bow­ling or vi­sits to the Christ­mas mar­ket - we al­ways had a gre­at ti­me to­ge­ther."

Be­rit Mül­ler

Right from the start of my sixth form, I knew that I wanted to do a dual course of study in business administration after my Abitur. So about a year before I graduated, I applied to the FHDW to study business administration with a specialization in sales management. After I successfully passed the selection process, a career service employee drew my attention to the FHDW scholarship program. In addition to the financial support, the promotion of personal development was the main reason for me to apply.

Being an FHDW scholarship holder had a lot of advantages – from the financial support to the coaching sessions and networking.

The regular coaching was particularly valuable for me because I was only 18 years old when I started my studies and therefore didn’t have a clear idea of my professional future. During the interviews, I was able to reflect on my theoretical and practical phases, gain a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and develop concrete career goals and plans as a result.

As part of the scholarship, I was also able to take part in various seminars, such as a business etiquette seminar, which prepared me perfectly for starting my career. I was also able to represent the FHDW at events such as the Campus Days, the Freshers’ BBQ and at trade fairs and was able to make lots of new contacts.

Another highlight for me were the meetings with the other scholarship holders. Whether it was barbecues, bowling or visits to the Christmas market – we always had a great time together. We have also worked together on various projects for the FHDW. I particularly remember the student barbecue, which I planned and organized together with two other scholarship holders. We had almost as much fun preparing for the event as we did at the actual event.

Authenticity and enthusiasm are the be-all and end-all. You should be open and honest about why you are the right candidate for the FHDW scholarship. It can be helpful to refer to personal strengths and successes. For example, I talked about my academic and sporting achievements and my voluntary work as a soccer coach. It is also important to describe your interest in and expectations of the scholarship program. The same naturally applies to the subsequent personal meeting.

My time as an FHDW scholarship holder was not only a lot of fun, but also helped me professionally and personally. That’s why I can only recommend everyone to apply for the scholarship program. There are great experiences, moments and people waiting to accompany and support you on the path to your professional future.

During the dual study program, I became increasingly enthusiastic and fascinated by the areas of marketing and sales, which is why I decided to transfer to the FHDW after completing my Bachelor’s degree. Since October 2020, I have been working at the Paderborn Campus in the Marketing and Career Service, where I can live out and demonstrate my creativity in exciting projects.

As I had already enjoyed the dual Bachelor’s program so much, it quickly became clear to me that I would continue with the part-time Master’s in Marketing and Sales Management at the FHDW.

"The pro­fes­sio­nal coa­ching hel­ped me to re­flect on my stu­dies and prac­tical pha­ses and to con­cre­ti­ze my plans for the fu­ture."

Ti­mo Deutsch­mann

After completing my A-levels and training as a state-certified computer scientist, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in theory and practice by studying Applied Computer Science at the FHDW in Paderborn. As part of the selection process that every student at the FHDW goes through, I became aware of the scholarship program as a financing and funding opportunity. Since I already enjoyed volunteering for local organizations and associations and organizing film projects and workshops together with friends, I finally decided to apply for the FHDW scholarship program.

As part of the scholarship program, students are not only supported financially, but also in their personal development through regular coaching sessions and events at the FHDW. The professional coaching helped me to reflect on my studies at the university of applied sciences and the practical phases and to concretize my plans for the future. During the very well-structured discussions, I learned a lot and had numerous insights for which I am still very grateful to the FHDW.

One task that I also really enjoyed was organizing a professional image film.
image film
about the annual open day at the FHDW in Paderborn. Together with two other scholarship holders, I independently took care of the script, the interview partners, the filming at various locations and the editing. It was a challenge that demanded different qualities from us, such as strong communication skills and the ability to work in a team, as well as technical skills, but which also allowed each of us to learn something new.

In my letter of motivation, I explained my previous involvement in volunteer projects and described the reason for my application as well as my interest in the scholarship program. It is worth explaining your motivation authentically and honestly. In the subsequent personal interview at the FHDW, it is just as important to state your ideas about the scholarship and to remain authentic.

Looking back, I really enjoyed the FHDW scholarship and it helped me personally. Therefore, I would definitely recommend an application to anyone who is equally interested in the challenges and benefits of the scholarship. The formalities for the application are also straightforward and writing a letter of motivation can be a very good way of reflecting on previous activities and specifying your own goals for the future.

Since starting my studies at the FHDW, I have been working at
codegiganten GmbH
in Paderborn – with qualified colleagues in a pleasant working atmosphere. The company focuses on the development of e-commerce solutions with Shopware 6 and individual web projects in the field of human resources.

"It's all about me and my in­di­vi­du­al de­ve­lop­ment."

Ve­ro­ni­ka Twar­doch (née Kraft)

I would choose the FHDW scholarship again at any time. Whether it was the exchange with the mentors, the meetings with the other scholarship holders or designing my own projects – the scholarship enriched me in many ways and was also a lot of fun. It’s all about me and my individual development.

I applied for the FHDW scholarship back then because both the financial support and the personal support appealed to me.

The scholarship included various coaching sessions that I helped to organize and that corresponded to my interests. The mentors took time for me and my concerns in order to facilitate self-reflection and jointly develop optimization measures in various areas. This not only allowed me to grow beyond myself, but also to identify personal values and professional goals.

After I sent off my application documents for the scholarship, I was invited to a personal interview. I had to prepare a short presentation for this meeting.

My personal highlight was my last coaching session. I had a horse coaching session with an external coach. My task here was to lead a pony through a course I had created. The coach was able to identify my personal character traits based on my interaction with the pony, which I found super interesting, as they didn’t know each other before the coaching and yet were able to describe me accurately.

I hope that each of the scholarship holders will have the opportunity to experience this type of coaching.

The last three scholarship years were very diverse and varied. I was able to share some exciting experiences and impressions in this report, but there is still so much more to tell. The FHDW Networking alone can fill pages and pages.

The scholarship helped me to recognize my personal strengths and use them in a targeted manner. Various socializing events have also made me much more open and self-confident.

Opi­ni­ons that re­al­ly count!

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