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What does the Ca­re­er Ser­vice do?

We help you to discover and expand your academic and professional potential. Whether you are a prospective student, applicant or student, we are your trusted partner for study and career guidance, career planning and personal development. From our first meeting to your successful graduation, we are at your side and support you in growing beyond yourself.

This is how we sup­port you!

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Events & ac­tivi­ties around your stu­dy ori­en­ta­ti­on

In addition to our student advisory services, we offer you numerous other opportunities to get to know our university better. At our Campus Days, you will visit your future university campus, talk to professors and students on site and get to know our partner companies. We bring a similar program live and in color to your home with the Virtual Campus Days. If you want to get a real taste of university life before you start your studies and experience the everyday life of an FHDW student up close, then our taster lectures are just the thing for you! Of course, you also always have the chance to talk to our students and alumni about their experiences during their studies. You should therefore not miss out on events such as our Student Talks or Meet the Students.

We ma­ke it ex­tra ea­sy for you to find a work pla­ce­ment!

In the dual Bachelor’s degree program, you decide on the design of your practical phases: Spend your entire course at a fixed company or gain experience in different companies. No matter what you choose, we will support you in your search in our large network of companies.

Ap­p­li­ca­ti­on trai­ning, ca­re­er ad­vice & much mo­re

Your studies, successful career entry or next career step are our focus. That’s why you get our full support – exactly where you need it! Even before you start your studies, you can take advantage of offers such as application training or an application portfolio check. With our help, no one can fool you when it comes to finding a work placement and applying. We also care about your development during your studies. That’s why we offer you – in addition to your studies – a wide range of seminars to help you discover and develop your personal and professional potential. And regardless of whether you are a prospective student, applicant or student, we always have an open ear for your questions about studying and careers in our consultations.

We are al­so at your si­de du­ring your stu­dies!

Of course, you can contact us with your concerns at any time after starting your studies. Would you like to arrange a consultation, find out about your further education options or have cool ideas for campus life? Then you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to send us an email, call us or simply drop by our office before or after your lecture.

Your Ca­re­er Ser­vice

Michelle Anders

Michelle Anders

@Campus Bergisch Gladbach

[email protected]

02202 9527-367

Sarah Hermstein

@Campus Bielefeld

[email protected]

0521 23842-270

Sarah Hermstein
Simona Narcisi

Simona Narcisi

@Campus Mettmann

[email protected]

02104 17756-307

Dajana Deppenmeier

@Campus Paderborn

[email protected]

05251 301-190

Dajana Deppenmeier

Ad­vice for stu­dents with disa­bi­li­ties and/or chro­nic ill­nes­ses or so­ci­al coun­se­ling

Hartmut Klein

@Campus Paderborn

[email protected]

05251 301-175

Social counseling

The FHDW also offers its students support with personal questions and difficult personal situations. If you would like a personal interview, please make an appointment with Mr. Klein.

Advice for students with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses

People with disabilities and chronic illnesses may be dependent on special study conditions. So-called compensation for disadvantages is intended to compensate for disadvantages during studies.
Compensation for disadvantages must always be agreed individually with the university. They are intended to ensure that students can complete their studies according to their own abilities. This does not make studying easier or give them an advantage over non-disabled students. Which compensation for disadvantages is appropriate can be clarified in a personal interview.
If you would like a personal interview, please make an appointment with Mr. Klein.

Further information is available from the
kombabb Competence Center NRW

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