Friedrich-Spee-Gymnasium on a visit

The Rüthener Gymnasium at the Paderborn campus visited us again this year. Pupils Ida Friederizi and Greta Speckenheuer have written a short report on their experiences:

On Monday, 20.06.2022, the Q1 year group at Friedrich-Spee-Gymnasium Rüthen had a study and career orientation day. We visited the FHDW in Paderborn.

The day began with a welcome and an introduction to the program of the FHDW in Paderborn. Then we went to the lectures we had chosen. They could choose between the Business English lecture and the Business Ethics lecture. The two of us opted for the Business English course. At the beginning of the lecture we were briefly introduced and after a short introduction to the topic we started with exercises on how to approach negotiations between buyers and sellers. After this exercise, we were divided into groups in which the knowledge was to be applied in role plays. In the following, the role plays were presented, during which different and interesting results were presented. At the end of the lecture, we talked about imports and exports with Australia.

Afterwards, two students presented their experiences at the FHDW and in semesters abroad, which gave us a good insight into the possibilities of a dual study program. Finally, we had time to ask the students questions before heading back to school.

Thank you for this great and informative insight into your university.

Ida Friederizi and Greta Speckenheuer

The group of pupils from Friedrich-Spee-Gymnasium in Rüthen.