Business administration
International Management

For all tho­se who want to li­ve glo­ba­liza­t­i­on!

Strategic analyses for market entries are child’s play for you. Based on this, you develop recommendations for action for global markets and recommend the appropriate marketing steps. For optimal results, you will deal intensively with cultural, legal and ethical issues of global business activities. This makes you the right contact person when it comes to building global organizations and relationships with international partners and customers.

Stu­dy con­tents:


Stra­te­gy de­ve­lop­ment and stra­te­gy im­ple­men­ta­ti­on

In­no­va­ti­on ma­nage­ment

Com­ple­xi­ty Ma­nage­ment


Stu­dy me


You should choose the part-time Master’s degree program if you already have a Bachelor’s degree, are working and want to gain further qualifications alongside your job.


Master of Arts


– 24 months Lectures/Exams

– 7 months Master’s thesis

– Two attendance weekends per semester (Thu-Sat)

– Lectures on average 2 times a month on Saturdays

– E-learning 1-2 times per week in the evening

The structure of the study program allows you to complete the part-time Master’s degree in the best possible way. With a successful mix of self-study, e-learning and attendance phases on selected weekends, you will experience a study concept that is precisely tailored to the needs of your full-time career.

Stu­dy pro­gram in In­ter­na­tio­nal Ma­nage­ment

FHDW Studienorganisation berufsbegleitendes Master Studium kurz




All Master’s degree programs at the FHDW build on a suitable Bachelor’s degree or diploma.


Know­ledge of English

A further requirement for the course is proof of English proficiency at B2 level, which can be provided by means of certificates, stays abroad or a separate language test.


Ad­mis­si­on in­ter­view

In addition, an admissions interview is held with the applicant. Further details on the requirements can be found in the respective degree programs.

It is advisable to coordinate your plans for part-time study with your employer. On the one hand, attendance must be ensured during the attendance phases. On the other hand, the choice of degree course can be better adapted to the requirements of the company, which increases later career opportunities in the company.

Because money doesn't grow on trees -
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Did you know that you can refinance part of your tuition fees and expenses via your income tax return?

Part­ner com­pa­nies

The Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) focuses on dual and part-time Bachelor’s degree programs in Business Administration, Business Informatics and Applied Informatics. The combination of theory and practice is the FHDW’s recipe for success. In the dual Bachelor’s degree program, learning phases at the university alternate equally with practical phases in partner companies over the entire duration. Around 550 companies are integrated into the FHDW cooperation network.


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