E-learning at the FHDW
- the smart way to stu­dy

Di­rect­ly from the of­fice, on a busi­ness trip ab­road or com­ple­te­ly re­la­xed from ho­me...

In the part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, you can study wherever you are. Our e-learning makes it possible! Meet up with your fellow students for lectures in the virtual classroom, interact with professors and access your lecture materials at any time and from anywhere. This way you learn in a maximally structured and yet flexible way!

With Microsoft Teams, we provide you with the perfect companion. Because we already recognized this in 2001: The future of education is digital. That’s why our online teaching concept is tailored precisely to your needs as a full-time professional. Around 40 percent of your lectures will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams so that you can remain as flexible as possible during your studies and save valuable time and travel costs.

By the way, we have also been recognized as a top digital education provider!

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