Partner Universities

Powerful network of partnerships

The link between theory and practice, in our case, between the FHDW and companies, is an integral component of all our activities. And this is not only on paper. An Advisory Council of ten well-known companies continuously
examines our claim to a practical orientation. The recently created FHDW Development Society also has the goal of intensifying the cooperation between business and the FHDW. In addition, we maintain close cooperation
with international universities because an international orientation is a “must have” today. That is why we have placed great value on cooperation agreements with universities abroad ever since we were founded. Over the
years, this has resulted in a powerful network of partnerships all over the globe.

When we select our cooperation partners, we always ensure that their philosophy resembles ours. This refers not only to the classroom material, but also the practical orientation of the entire course of studies. In some countries, there is also the opportunity to receive a degree from that country in addition to the one from the FHDW. Finally, the improvement in the linguistic competence and socio-cultural knowledge of the country forms one of the central factors for success when studying abroad. Of course, what applies to our students, also applies to our teaching staff. Our professors at the FHDW regularly teach in the universities of our cooperation partners abroad. Naturally we also bring foreign professors to the FHDW to share their knowledge with our students. Both significantly expand the spectrum of the courses taught at our university.

Foreign quarter or semester abroad at the partner university

You can complete theory sessions at the following partner universities, some of which are funded through the EU's Erasmus + program: